Thursday, 19 July 2012

Why Cancer Insurance? By Lordan Wellness Insurance Pays You!

Why Cancer Insurance?
By Lordan
Wellness Insurance Pays You!
Unique Wellness Program
Unique Wellness Program

I have been an insurance agent for over 20 years. In all of those years I have never seen an insurance policy that knocked my socks off until now! My goal with this article is to teach more people about the importance of cancer insurance due to the low premium cost and the high probability of cancer.

It's hard to say, who needs this policy. No one likes to think they'll get sick but sticking your head in the sand is not a proactive plan of attack either. My grandmother died of lung cancer but she smoked…I've never thought it would happen to me. But I was wrong, I was affected by cancer when my newly wedded husband, at age 32, was diagnosed and so the whirl wind of medical bills (even with health insurance), time off of work, medication, therapy…on and on and on…bleed every little savings we had and then tore through my house, leaving nothing but devastation along its path. I know this firsthand…who needs to worry about bills when your family is being torn apart…I wish I knew then what I know now!

There are some that are higher at risk than others, because either they smoke, or they do have genetic reasons. These people should not even hesitate with trying to find this coverage suitable for their needs. But what about the rest…those don't have a family history of cancer, that don't smoke and wonder, "Do I really need this policy?" Read on…there are many reasons why to have this and there's no sure fire way to say it'll never happen to you or to your loved ones.

Let's begin with the reason I love most about this policy, the huge wellness insurance benefits. We get paid to take care of ourselves. There's nothing else out there like this…when you go in for your annual mammogram, you'll get paid, the cost of the test with a max of $200. Same thing when you go in for an annual Pap test - You'll also get the same exact benefit. Then there's an array of wellness tasks like chest x-ray, mole removal, other blood related cancer detection tests like the PSA test for men, as well as a colonoscopy that you'll also get paid for.

So what does that all mean…the annual premium for the cancer policy is $362.40 for a 45-year-old with the best plan with the ICU coverage. For females, you can get back a maximum of $500 for your wellness test mentioned above. All with never being diagnosed with cancer. I'm not kidding you, we have testimonials from our clients posted, this is not a joke! To me this is like having a savings account handy in case of devastation without having to put the money away - It's a win-win situation!

Now, you may ask is this just for wellness tests? No, it's there for you in the event of being diagnosed with cancer. Some of the benefits are listed below:

    * Lump sum first occurrence benefit.
    * Doctor's visits
    * Hospital confinement
    * Second doctor's opinion
    * Home recovery
    * Private Nursing
    * Bone marrow transplants
    * Surgical procedures
    * Ambulatory surgical center
    * Prosthesis and reconstructive breast surgery
    * Ambulance
    * Waiver of Premium Feature
    * Transportation and lodging benefits
    * Intensive care rider – This is for any accident or illness!
    * Radiation and chemotherapy
    * Plus more…

Two unique features I'd like to expand upon. First being the transportation and lodging benefits. What does this mean? This policy will pay for coach fare for you and one family member to travel to another facility. This will also help pay for your lodging as well. Let's say you've been diagnosed with lung cancer and heard that the hospital in Texas specializes in your recommended treatment but you live in California. You won't have to break the bank coming up with money for these unexpected traveling expenses – things your health insurance would never pay for. Have the best care available to you by having this policy!

The other feature I'd like to point out is the most unique of all…the intensive care rider. If you or any family member listed ends up in the ICU for any reason, accident or any illness (some exceptions for self intentional self inflected injury) we pay you a set benefit per day. For an example on our premier policy the benefit is set at $800 per day up to 45 days of continuous confinement. This benefit will also pay for the actual cost of transit transportation by ambulance (In conjunction with the visit to the ICU unit). This feature alone can help your family fill in the deductible on your health insurance - no other cancer policy has this!

Did you know that health insurance will only pay for about 65% of the cost related to cancer? All of these benefits paid to you will fill in the gaps, helping you to financially survive cancer. Whether it is the electric bill or the groceries, this money is for you to spend as you see fit. I know personally that having to worry about the bills, plus having a loved one going through surgeries, the mental and physical challenges can be so overwhelming - to anyone. With cancer insurance, you can stop this from happening by having the most affordable supplemental health-care available with Allstate Insurance.

Most often, I am asked, what if my health insurance will cover all of my wellness tests and cancer treatments. My answer is, "that's wonderful!" but remember, cancer insurance is for you and will be paid to you. Kind of like a disability policy pays you when you cannot work. So whether you're using this money to help fill in your health insurance deductibles, paying your co-pays and so many other things that health insurance will not cover or if you're using this money to help pay the bills. It does not matter. The benefits are there for you to use the money as you see fit. Here's an example of how it can add up:

   1. First occurrence benefits: $2000.
   2. Hospital confinement: $350 per day.
   3. Drugs benefit: $250 per confinement.
   4. Second surgical opinion: $250
   5. Surgical procedure: $9000 (varies by surgery).
   6. Anesthesia: $2250 (Up to 25% of surgery)
   7. Comfort medication: $200
   8. Blood work: $150 per day
   9. Attending doctor, $40 per day
  10. Reconstructive breast surgery: $3000 max

All of the about add up $17,490!

Let's look at the ICU benefits now:

   1. $800 per day for four days = $3200
   2. $1100 for the ambulance

Total paid to you: $4300 for a car accident or a stroke.

There are other companies that offer the cancer insurance coverage but none at such a low price along with the financial strength of a well-known company like Allstate insurance. And let's not forget, the best wellness test benefit available! Oh, and you would have to purchase a separate policy to get coverage for accident…remember our unique ICU coverage offered – this really makes sense!