Thursday, 19 July 2012

InflexCapital - Where Your Money Never Sleeps

InflexCapital - Where Your Money Never Sleeps

Hi guys, welcome back to SMI!

The last few months have been an absolute roller coaster ride. With the rise, and the inevitable fall, of programs such as Royalty7, the entire HYIP industry experienced a huge jump in terms of number of investors. Finally, the industry is coming back on its feet!

As much as I would like to post regularly, I felt that there weren't that many quality programs that absolutely deserved our attention. Of course, now that Royalty7 is over, you might perhaps be wondering what else would I be posting about?

Well, to be honest, while I don't think today's featured program will be considered "revolutionary" in the industry, I do feel strongly that there's something behind this sleeping dragon that might prove itself to be another profitable investment.

Welcome, InflexCapital -- where your money never sleeps!
Inflex Capital

InflexCapital, at first glance, glows with visual candies. The site is beautifully designed, with a huge table that clearly lays out all the plans. The layout is easy on the eyes, and it is user-friendly as well. On top of the site are several tabs that lead to an About Us page, an Investment page, a Contact Us page and so on. The texts are all original, and I think that's a very good indicator of a serious program. Most of us know by now that there is a pool of corrupted, lazy admins who could care less about the texts on their sites so long as they're making money. Well, not this one. Not InflexCapital. For me, they've already succeeded in capturing my attention.

For those seeking a Monitoring/Partners page, there's a link located down at the footer (bottom part) of the page. It's at the bottom left. The title is Monitoring, which leads to a page that lists the forums and monitors currently featuring InflexCapital. As of this writing, however, InflexCapital only has a monitor listed there. Seems like the team is still contemplating on which monitoring partners to work with.

My personal take on this: Great! Because I'm absolutely tired of paid monitors who do nothing BUT post payment proofs on forums. Those are literally brainless tasks that any monkey can do, and the act itself doesn't say much about the program besides the obvious fact that they're paying spare change for these monkeys to post. Sites that list a whole ton of monitors usually are able to do so using investors’ funds. In such a case, having a lot of monitors is definitely not a good idea.

I want to see actual paying investors getting paid, because those people are the ones keeping the high yield programs afloat, and more importantly, they are the ones who provide useful insight into the longevity of the programs.

Moving on to the payment plans:
There are 3 payment plans offered at the moment.

Standard Plan     Enterprise Plan     Corporate Plan
Pays 2% daily     Pays 3% daily     Pays 4% daily
Min: $10     Min :$500     Min: $500
Max: $10,000     Max :$10,000     Max: $10,000
Investment Period: 30 calendar days     Investment Period: 30 calendar days     Investment Period: 30 calendar days
Pays on business days only     Pays on business days only     Pays on business days only
Early Withdrawal: 30%     Early Withdrawal: 40%     Early Withdrawal: 50%
No prerequisites     Note: Requires Standard Plan     Note: Requires Enterprise Plan

(They charge a 5% service fee for withdrawing your principal upon maturity)

While the FAQ states that they will pay within 48 business hours, the admin says the time frame provided is a "worst-case scenario". In reality, you should be expecting them to pay within 24 - 48 actual hours. Personally, I've requested several referral commission payments and also my several payouts already, and all of those were processed in very timely fashion (about an hour). In any case, if you need help, they're almost always on LiveChat or forums. I've been pestering the team on LiveChat asking for more info. My suggestion is to take full advantage of that to get to know the admin at a more personal level. You never know -- he might reveal himself to be the admin of a very successful program in the past :)

In essence, the plans are lucrative, but somewhat sustainable in the industry. Considering back in the day when 30% a month was considered extremely risky, 2% a day seems like a relatively safe investment. If you'd like to take a bigger chance, you can move up to Enterprise Plan, which offers 3% daily, or essentially 66% a month, for a minimum of $500.

I like the fact that there's a nice calculator in the back office because sometimes calculating profit paid on business days can be confusing. While the calculator remains a nifty tool, it is not to be fully trusted because it is simply an estimation based on a 22 business-day month. Nevertheless, it's still a cool little eye-candy that will no doubt attract a few investors.

I believe a script is a reflection of the admin's sincerity and honesty. If it is an untouched, unlicensed GoldCoders' script, that's a big RED flag.

In this case, while the admin has done quite a few modifications to the script, it is still largely a GoldCoders' script. Yes, I am a little skeptical at first, but the admin explains himself clear enough that I trust his decision to be a wise one. Again, the old adage applies here: “why fix something if it’s not broken?”

Backtrack a little, GC scripts used to be the no.1 most popular script in the industry. Why? Read here to find out more. As such, pirates started to make copies, horrible job at that, and distributed it "generously" online.

One would think who would be so dumb to distribute a paid script freely online? Well, the real question is: who wouldn't?

The pirates apparently created bugs/loopholes in the script prior to releasing it online. That's like injecting a stray dog with zombie virus before releasing it into a homeless pet shelter -- once it gets out there, it spreads like a wildfire! Indeed, unsuspecting downloaders started to use this newfound free script on their sites, only to find it hacked within days with no trails left behind.

Hence, people started to have their suspicions whenever a GC script is used in a program.

Nevertheless, in this case, InflexCapital has modified the script to fit their own tastes, and they also plugged the loopholes in the script. The effect is two-fold:

    they manage to achieve a somewhat customized script for the price of a off-the-shelf program

    they ensure security and peace of mind of investors

With that said, I believe the script is a plus point for InflexCapital. Many would definitely suggest otherwise, but I prefer to let time tell the story. So far, the program itself has been paying consistently, and the admin has not reported any malicious attempts from anyone to hack into their script.

If the script bothers you, fear not -- there's SSL and Ddos protection available as well. InflexCapital purchased a 3-year long domain name, complete with SSL verification from Comodo and also Ddos protection with dedicated IPs from GeniusGuard. The site is hosted on Staminus and appears to be relatively stable. GeniusGuard may not be the most popular host in the industry, but at this point, they have been keeping the site online for the most part. Again, if it’s not broken, why fix it?

 Admittedly, InflexCapital is doing fine as it is. Nonetheless, in today's market, I feel the abovementioned are bare minimum to be competitive with the likes of similar programs. Nevertheless, I still give the admin thumbs up for trying to be competitive, and indirectly showing that he is serious about this. My take: compared to other beautifully designed sites with virtually no one to talk to if anything happens, I prefer a program like InflexCapital because they are always on LiveChat and I like the fact that I can chat with someone when something is happening. If my experience is anything to go by, a strong support system goes a long way towards ensuring long-term success.

Payment Processors:
This is perhaps one of the most disappointing features for me. So far, only LibertyReserve and PerfectMoney are offered. In any case, a serious program needs to have at least SolidTrustPay(STP) or Payza as well to be competitive.

The site Knowledgebase(FAQ) states that the addition of both STP and Payza is in the pipeline, and the home page clearly states that STP and Payza are coming soon as well. I believe if these two payment processors come as promised, InflexCapital will leapfrog over many other programs in the industry. If we take a look at their Alexa graph, they’ve been slowly climbing the ranks. As of this writing, InflexCapital is hovering between the 800,000+ mark, which is a considerable jump from 2,000,000+ 5 days ago when they first started. The traffic is increasing gradually, and in contrast with short-term high return programs, InflexCapital appears to be growing at a steady pace. As such, once they add more payment processors to the mix, I forecast greater things for them.

Payments are done manually as stated in the FAQ, but as I said earlier, the team at InflexCapital are on the ball with this. Payments are done almost instantly, and no hassle in requesting a payout. Simply go to your backoffice, one-click, and the profit's in your account in a few hours, or sometimes even minutes. I have requested about 8 payouts so far, and each and every one of those has been processed within an hour. Of course, if your payout has been pending for more than 8 hours, LiveChat is available and you can contact them to find out about your payment.

On one hand, it is a disappointment that payments are not instant. But on the other, I believe that this could prove to be a wise move in the long run. Especially considering the fact that LibertyReserve has had numerous serious API issues recently, I can only imagine the chaos that will ensue if InflexCapital switches over to instant payouts.

I think what InflexCapital lacks in polish, they make up for it with enthusiastic and helpful support staff. There are 4 ways of reaching the admin:

    through Contact Us page

    through LiveChat

    through Facebook

    through forums such as Talkgold and MoneyMakerGroup

The admin is really active on the forums, making appearances every now and then, and he appears to be really responsive to comments. On Facebook, there are 2 pages there as well, one is the admin, Andrew Lucas's personal page, and the other is the official fan page for InflexCapital Returns LTD. For a young site, there's not much activity going on there, but the admin seems to post quite regularly on there as well.

LiveChat is a big plus here because it's almost always online. I've started to abuse this service :p As I said earlier, LiveChat is a great way to get to know the team, and to find out more info about their experience. I've always hated admins who hide themselves behind their computers. I find it refreshing to get a program like InflexCapital that prides itself in a robust and responsive support system, to put themselves out there so that investors can get the help they so rightly deserved. I’ve seen too many programs that have ignored the investors’ inquiries after taking their deposits, and that’s just downright despicable.

To round up my review, InflexCapital is a beautifully designed, well-prepared program. Even though it misses out on a few corners, it more than makes up for it with a robust support system. In my view, an admin's enthusiasm is a very important indicator of how long a program will last, and from what I can see, InflexCapital exudes passion and commitment.

My top points for them:

    beautiful design

    customized GC script


    responsive support

    attractive plans

My negative points:

    lack of payment processors

    restrictive plans - needing to be in Standard before I can join Enterprise etc.

I expect great things from InflexCapital, and I personally put $400 of my own money into this program.

Let's see how this goes and good luck!